Thoughts “some things in life just have to be done, like it or not”
These days I hear often “well it’s shitty, but sometimes you just need to do some things in life” “the dishes are not going to clean themselves”
I hear these phrases mostly at Knowmads and either I get really confused or I have a big smile on my face. In a place where we don’t need to do anything, a place we create that doesn’t limit us in our development, we talk about “things that need to be done”.
In my head, this phrase is always being said by the same voice as “you should get a proper job” “you won’t go anywhere if you don’t behave”.
I heard today, it’s about trust, it’s about acceptance. Trusting that people will come if you allow them to leave, accepting if they don’t come. Knowing that if they come by their free will and not out of obligation, they will be really committed to the job.
So life is all sunshine and fun, untill it comes to doing the dishes, mopping the floor, cleaning the toilets. Then the real life kicks in, wake up. It’s all very nice to talk about this change in the world, creating a world that we like to live in, but now back to work, there is just some things you can’t change, be realistic.
When I hear it, I feel this sudden “attack” of heaviness. In my life I will not do the things I don’t want to do, I know this. I leave everybody the decision to do it another way of course – still I think we agree, there might be other ways.
The above perhaps sounds more cynical as I actually think it, but that’s what it reminds me of.
So we can change the world, create a working environment where we can be ourselves, grow, love and sustain ourselves at the same time. Bring light to the world, peace, harmony, fun… And we can’t manage to keep a building clean and enjoy it.
A splinter in somebody else’s eye… :)
Damn it, of course we can make this thing fun! Of course the dishes can be done, there is enough food provided for everybody, the space is clean, the plants grow, the minimum order is there. And it won’t come by complaining about it.
We have learned one or two tools to think effectively. Why don’t we use them when it comes to ourselves?
I see a tribe that is not able to communicate in a group in a way that everybody feels heard and cared for… and we want to bring this in the world? Imagine we could really credibly say how to do it, because we live it every day!
Next time I feel something needs to be managed another way, I’ll find a flipchart, white board and start a list. And then request an afternoon, a day even maybe to brainstorm, go wild with ideas how it can be solved so everybody is as happy as possible about it.
I personally believe that we could probably greatly complement each other with the things that are easy to do for us.. I felt like cleaning the mess in the kitchen today to provide space for Neza to prepare dinner for the workshop in the evening. I saw Jord mopping the floor in the workshop and we had a very nice talk while mopping it together.
Where is the heaviness? And what would *really* happen if the floor was not mopped?