Do you know that feeling?

Sometimes I wake up after a few exhausting days and a long night sleep and after a slow morning, I realize that that’s how life feels like.
When I forgot eating for a day and everything’s annoying, and then I eat a bit and realize that it was just low blood sugar that made life so difficult. Ahh…

A few nights ago I went out with amazing Maria (who has this super nice project Akundanza) and talking about Knowmads and life outside of safe bubbles, she asked me about my concept of wholeness. I had said that outside of spaces where people seek wholeness, I too forget to pursue it.
But what is wholeness supposed to mean? Can we become whole?

So what I mean is remembering who you are. Or, re-membering who you are, if that makes sense. Re-adding pieces you have lost on the way.

When I first learned about non-violent communication and was taught that the possibility of expressing what you feel, and need, and asking for it, really existed, I was at first completely incredulous and then it was like “right! that’s like, life!”. Remembered the possibility of talking life.

And then, there’s also often “Wow, I’ve missed this!” which really is “Wow, I’ve missed me!”

I’m re-learning a concept that for a long time I had no access to. Expressing spontaneously how I feel in a conversation. Expressing spontaneous reactions in general. And shit, I’ve missed this. Like seeing a really good friend again that you thought you might never meet again.

Welcome home and don’t leave too soon.