A while ago, about half a year, my very dear friend Maria (who makes amazing music!) and me came up with “It’s not about the sentence!” in a conversation.

I’ve lost the memory of the exact conversation we had, but the sentence just came back to me. It means, roughly, the words don’t matter if the content and context is right.
It came back to me because the last week I was reminded of something.

As most people around me probably noticed, I spent the last half year building a dream of mine, moving to Sevilla and building the Knowmads School there. It’s a rough, tough and fulfilling ride in which I’m learning shitloads… but this is only partly the topic here.
What I realized the last months when explaining Knowmads; it has often been understood as a school for start-ups, an accelerator program for entrepreneurs, a business school. Many of these terms we use ourselves and I used them as well. And everytime I did it felt lifeless, as if this as not what it’s all about.

In the last week I have begun writing an invitation to our students-to-be. A description of what Knowmads is, really, what we believe in, what we do, why we do it. What happens in a year at Knowmads and how it benefits a person. I took all the descriptions we use so far, put it in a document, tried to put it in a form and checked which of the descriptions resonated with me and which didn’t.

Knowmads ‘Business’ School – we educate ‘Changemakers’

Two terms. We like to question categories at Knowmads, so I started questioning our own.

We do only one thing, really, at Knowmads, I believe. – We care about people. Deeply and honestly. We love people, we love their smiles and tears, their potential and their depths.

That’s what we do.
Now, I think, that describes about 80% of what Knowmads is about. What we also do, is, we prepare people for a world that is only just emerging. A world in which we’re not victims or even consumers, but designers and creators. In which we’re the change we want to see in the world.

Why? We also care about our planet and society. And we want these amazing people that developed throughout a year at Knowmads to be powerful and empowered enough to bring their positivity and shine into the world.

That’s why it’s _also_ a busines school. That’s why we _also_ educate Changemakers. First and foremost, we care about people.


There are a few things that matter in a human world, I think. Things like care, attention, love. The things we do revolve around these, in a more or less complex and abstract way. And sometimes we give it very abstract forms.

It is not about entrepreneurship. It is not about Business. It is not about Change. But they are the forms we use to fit in what we want to bring.
I think, I don’t make myself very clear, do I?

In this case here I choose a text and blog to bring my curiosity, joy and relief across that I just realized that I don’t have to care about abstract chuff and can instead have fun with what I do care about – people and enjoyment.

…ah well, it’s not about the sentence anyways.