It is another beautiful morning in Sevilla.

I just finished the weekly sunday morning with my tribe (in this case, with Nanne) via skype and as I’m preparing breakfast lots of thoughts go through my head. Let’s see if they take the form of a blogpost.

The input I received recently; Yesterday night a conversation with a very amazing friend, Patri, that made me reconsider lots of ways that I see the world and take for granted. Then, the book of Charles Eisenstein “The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”, which brings in the theory of a new story of being, the story of interbeing, as opposed to the story of separation (or not opposed?).

And my thoughts about trust, worrying, planning and being.

Some time ago I posted on facebook that strategic planning was nothing but high-level worrying. You plan strategically to prevent expected bad things from happening or make the best out of a situation. I do that, at least.
Yesterday, talking to Patri, she reminded me that there is now and now and now, no future. Which puts my strategic mind in trouble, because how do I then make the best out of the future? How do I plan a project, set up an organization?
So I remembered a friend of mine who, after being out drinking, would wake up in the morning to a cleaned-up kitchen or prepared breakfast close to his bed. He figured, it must have been himself, getting home in the night and knowing that his future self would really appreciate not having to do these things in the morning.

What if, instead of being worried, one could be present and think about what one would appreciate greatly in the future? It probably hardly changes anything in the practice, but everything inside – and maybe, according to the story of interbeing, it might create a practical difference after all.

So, I would look at the future neutrally, as I can foresee it from the present. I would not take action or plan against anything, but consider what would make my and other people’s lives more beautiful and take the action now that will promote this development.

Maybe, strategic thinking can be high-level caring.