How to start a school:

First of all, what does it take for a school to be a school? I just learned, according to austrian law a school is a school if it teaches a group of children according to the same curriculum. So a school needs a curriculum?
Then some days ago, I was told that you can’t really have a school if you don’t have a physical space in which this school happens. So a physical space is what it takes…
You’d need teachers. You’d need all kinds of tools to provide all kinds of content. You’d need… a budget, for sure. You can’t do this without some money.
You have to know what you’ll teach, of course. And some kind of accreditation, else nobody will spend their time and money studying.

So let’s see. We’ve got none of these. Is it possible to build a school like this?

Honestly; I don’t know. This is why I want to try it.
At Knowmads in Amsterdam we are a school without a curriculum, without exams, without teachers, without a degree. We are a school that is unlike most, maybe all schools.

Let me tell you what I’ll do.
I want to initiate Knowmads Business School Spain. I want to enable people to see possibilities where others see crisis and limits. And what better place than Spain?
Now, there is no location, no budget, no teachers, no curriculum. There is a dream, there is an idea and a rough plan.

This October I’m flying from Bratislava to Malaga, beginning a 3-months-journey, titled ‘Edu on Tour: Spain’. On this journey I hope to meet Changemakers and Social Innovators around the country, creating new realities, inspiring others with their stories.
I want to collect their stories, connect the people and projects, learn from them, listen to their successes and challenges.

In Spring next year, more precisely in April, Knowmads Spain’s founding party is going to happen. You’re all invited! From there, we’ll spark a change. Bringing people of different fields together, bringing limits and creativity, ideas and dreams with skills and challenges- see what we can do, living in a knowmadic spirit.
I want to create flexible Learning Spaces, connect learners and Workshop-givers, revolutionaries and do-ers, entrepreneurs and artists. Make a visible change, in people and society – and tell the story.

With this story, I want to start Knowmads Business School (citylocation). I need 15 students, crazy people that are willing to take this challenge of designing their own education, their own lifes. I need friends, partners, co-workers that bring in their ideas, skills, challenges. I need business partners that will cooperate with us, practicing effective learning-by-doing.

Now this is me and what I want. But, how really to start a school? I believe it takes people, it takes inspired and active minds. So if this story inspires you, follow what happens and find your moment to take part. I believe that on the way you might want to hop on and do this journey with me, in your and in our way.
Let’s say, from now on everything is possible, the game is on.

See you soon,