I feel like something  is changing. Or more like I am before a decision.
Something freed itself the past days. An old story changed its course, a certain duty I fel within myself is not there anymore. A freedom has made its path. With this freedom a lot of rage, power has come back to me. I am not afraid anymore.

Somehow this also brought with it a need to break out. Leave again, take a backpack or take nothing. Go and do, live, sing, dance, run. I am missing this, here in my free knowmads life. Not enough risk, not enough daring, doing. Change comes when you want to break out, change is coming. Or it’s come.

I will be able to do what I love and sustain myself through this soon enough, but I have difficulties waiting. Maybe I shouldn’t wait but start it already. Dare.

Have a successful end of the world everybody-