Part II

It’s fascinating for me how reactions can sometimes be far from expectations.
Yesterday I wrote a post, calling for a tribe to form and start Knowmads Sevilla – and I expected a few people to read it. Instead there was quite a bit of feedback and, best of all, two people joining the team!

Among the feedback I got was that it’s missing concrete information what is going to happen and what you could join into. Important feedback – as it gets me back to the ground and to the tasks.

I like backwards planning – let’s go…


August 2014
15 international students have found their way on our premises, passed the application workshop and are prepared for the unexpected. The coming 12 months they will form a tribe, be challenged on personal & professional levels, will work with clients, will work on their own projects. They will organize parties, concerts, lectures, events. They will go through their journey as Knowmads.



Or as Floris put it


For this to be possible and in order to guarantee students they will receive the best possible education, I believe we, as a team, will have the following tasks within the next months:

1.) Arrange a building
2.) Build a staff that supports the students throughout their process. (Tribe leaders, Assignment acquisition, Program creators, Personal development, Idealists&Disruptors)
3.) Create a network of content contributors, experts in their fields, supporting our vision of education
4.) Build good relations with the local community, municipality, people, businesses and entrepreneurs in Sevilla
5.) Do creative marketing, attracting students and partners to work with us
6.) Create seed capital to build a strong foundation

I dream of having a team of 4-8 people in Sevilla, sharing the work between us and supporting each other.

Who can be a team member?
Some days ago I was skyping with Pieter Spinder, the founder of Knowmads and I asked him how they started it, how they created a team.
His story was that when he had the idea and knew he’d want to take it further, he invited people for a presentation, explaining his vision and what he believed needed to be done, ending with the question ‘Who wants to do what?’

I want to do the same – just virtually.
In these blog posts I’m beginning to explain my vision and what I believe needs to be done.
Piece by piece I hope it will become clearer to all. The clarity depends on your questions and your guidance in what you haven’t understood yet – regardless of whether you’re joining in Sevilla or not.

Remains just the question:

Who wants to do what?