A blog written while in the process of understanding – beware.

So many of us struggle with taking decisions in unclear moments of our lives. I do too. Luckily I receive lessons every now and then on that topic…

I usually don’t take decisions if the information I have is not sufficient to be able to foresee the outcomes of that decisions. I’m not the best strategic thinker, can’t calculate many turns ahead in chess and life. Therefore, I quickly come to the limit of what I can foresee. Instead of considering, assuming possible outcomes, I usually just go for one option and if that one proves wrong, I try another.

In life and travels, this usually provides me with lots of unexpected, sometimes difficult, often memorable situations. As anyone that follows me on facebook knows, I frequently get lost, lose my trains, flights, but then also have the most amazing and unexpected encounters.
There are situations where I’d wish I was able to take well-considered, more rational decisions. In risky situations, when little money, time or resources are available for example.

What my way of taking decisions, more from the gut, out of intuition, gives me is an understanding of what I care about, where I move out of instinct. And what I notice sometimes is that, in life decisions, it’s not so much about taking decisions, but paying attentions to the decisions that are made.

I’m in a situation where, let’s say, I have a few weeks of time and I could travel to various places. A few make a lot of sense, but one attracts me very much. My brain might say, I should consider the ones that for some reason make sense. But still, I would ignore my inner voice. Let’s say I go for the one that attracts me. It might, it might not actually be a good choice – whatever that would be – but I went in with my mind alert, trying to understand why I am taking this decision. When I walked that way, I might be closer to my aim or not, but I surely learned about the way.

And at the end of that path, after having understood WHY I have taken the ‘wrong’ decision, I know clearly what the right decision is, often. With other words, while I went for one possibility, the important decision that I couldn’t take before, was made, not taken. I might by coincidence have chosen the right one before – but I wouldn’t have known why.


Now, I wonder whether anyone except me can make sense of this…