About a year ago I entered a new position in my facebook account. I was about to start Knowmads Sevilla, so I wanted the world to know.
‘What’s your position at Knowmads Sevilla?’, facebook asked me. I thought about it and put ‘Visionary’, since after all I came up with the vision of it.

It seems this stuck with me.
Knowmads Sevilla made me a visionary, I think, maybe more than I envisioned Knowmads Sevilla. For the good and for the bad.

For me it’s so easy to spit out ideas. My brain is almost hungry for problems to solve with ideas.
This leads to the development of a great project like Knowmads Sevilla and others connected with it. It leads to the coming together of groups of people when they feel called by an idea.
In this sense, having a visionary brain is a blessing for me.

On the other hand lie the curses. It’s so much easier to make up new ideas and visions than to bring them to the ground, make them happen. It’s so much easier to always come up with a new fun, exciting project whenever one loses its flavour and the difficulties begin.

It’s like someone that enjoys the first exciting days and weeks of a new romantic relationship, the highs of love – but whenever the other person suggests anything close to a partnership, this someone runs away to the next adventure.
This way he or she manages to surf on a constant wave of excitement, of positivity and love, but never reaches the depth of connection he/she might actually be hungry for.

Well, that’s me with projects. I fall in love easily, but just as easily forget and turn to the next.

It makes me sad to write this. It makes me judge myself as lazy, as ineffective, as a failure. While actually, I would love to see myself as someone quite capable of turning ideas into reality.

The task that’s calling here might be to be attentive to the moment when my attention switches from one project to the next and identify what it is I am turning away from. Which work seems too demanding. And stick with it, leaving the other ideas and projects for later, trusting they will have a time and space.
Mistrusting excitement as a leader.