Knowmadic learner, Social Entrepreneur, Education Activist, Facilitator.

I entered the world of change through Knowmads Business School Amsterdam. After my one year study in this remarkable place, in which I met with some of the most influential individuals and theories of change in my life, I began my path as a Social Entrepreneur and Education Change Activist.

After a brief and fruitful collaboration with dielichtfabrik in Vienna, I focused on the internationalisation of the Knowmads School, first in Spain (with the intent of setting up Knowmads Business School Sevilla), then with the Knowmads Labs – international programs of 4-12 weeks duration.

In my work as an independent facilitator with people and organizations, I focus on supporting Flow for individuals as well as for groups.
Fascinated by the dynamics of freedom and self-directed action, I build up the necessary foundations of purpose, values and commitment in any kind of work, in order to allow for as much freedom for individuals and their cooperation as possible.

As a speaker, I have had the opportunity to share my care for Hope at TEDxBarcelonaEducation. My speech can be watched here:

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