The Art of Living

What comes to your mind if you read this? The Art of Living.

What comes to my mind immediately is the thought that this is the only art that can matter. Or maybe, to not sound exclusive, the art that contains everything else. The art that makes possible everything else.

Since a week or two I started thinking about The Art of Living.
I have never liked labels for myself much, as many people. The labels I got from people, I mostly felt rather disgusted by them.
Now sometime I was told that what I was, was an artist. I could not really connect to it. How would I be an artist? On the opposite, I felt and used to say that I am the least artistic person I know. Not talented in drawing, singing, playing any instrument, language or anything really that could be called an art.
But that label stuck with me for a while. An artist. Not that I could take it seriously, but there was something to it.

I can’t recall how what happened, but my perception of art changed. It’s not what is often considered, categorized art. Not something that’s ‘beautiful’ or well done or or.

I really like Goethe’s perception of art and I can’t find a good quote in english but this one will do for now:

“There is no surer way of evading the world than by Art; and no surer way of uniting with it than by Art.”

I noticed some weeks ago that something inside me is searching for understanding. I try to understand everything and everybody around me. I try to understand the world in macro and micro and more micro. I want to know everything, want to know about everything and not the surface of everything but the details. If I find any topic that I get interested in, I start digging into it untill I can say I understand it to some detail.
Why? I couldn’t have said. Now I’ll give it a try;
I think it’s like a big riddle. I like this riddle. It takes not only the mind, not only analytical, logical thinking. It takes feelings, emotions, spirituality, knowledge, wisdom, connection, autonomy… Everytime you think you understand a piece, you go back to the beginning.

Now for some time I have been learning. Trying to understand everything, trying to grasp wisdom. Understood it’s not graspable, understood that the learning is to let go and receive through that. Understood that the world changes as I change, that the more I understand about myself, the more I understand about the world.

Sometime in the beginning of Knowmads I said, I didn’t like words. That everything that is put to words, immediately becomes untrue. I still believe this. Words frame something unframable, make it eternal if it’s actually volatile.
But, words are only one means of expression. I discovered, I do have the need for expression, to get out what is happening inside me. So how to express myself in a way that feels true?

Art. Goethe: “When Nature begins to reveal her open secret to a man, he feels an irresistible longing for her worthiest interpreter, Art.”

Art is a way to express myself in my way. Maybe in a way that can’t be understood rationally, that can’t be put into words. But it can be understood. Emotionally, intuitively, however.
But! I am not an artist. I can’t draw, I can’t sing and I can’t play guitars. (That’s at least what I tell myself)

I can live. I do live. I like to live. So why not let life be my art? And again, to not sound pretentious, art is not what is beautiful or great or special. Art is an expression of what is. Of Nature Johnny Goethe would say.

My quest for now is what the Art of Living can be. What it is for me, what it can be for you. And if you have an idea, feel invited! This is a work in progress and it involves anybody and any thing that lives. Which would be everything I guess. Co-creation par excelence :)
Good night!