I’ve decided to give the 30 day challenge a try.

For 30 days I’ll write a page a day, to get back into the habit of writing regularly.

What I’ll write about today is my habit of consuming bad news. I am prone to opening facebook, or opening a newspaper online page, and reading the things that are going wrong. Often in other countries, countries where I can’t do anything about it.
I read it, then I read another one from another country, and another one and another opinion on one of them. And then I try to do something constructive. Usually doesn’t work, energy is out.
But, some voice says, I shouldn’t either just ignore all the misery in the world, and hide away from it.
Well, why not?
I do ignore most of the happy stories that happen everyday. I have not read a single blog post on someone falling in love today. I have not watched a baby being born, I have not watched someone forgiving someone else open heartedly, I have not heard any reporting on someone really listening to someone else.
One could say, I’m hiding away from most of the important news in the world.

I have not heard this new band that is really making magically beautiful music, not read a poem by a young and powerful poet, not seen a TED talk today.

Why are news always negative news? Why are there so many headlines on stuff that’s going wrong? And how come I feel a strange obligation, or inclination, to read this stuff?

Some years ago I started this project called Solving the Conflict, which was (still is actually) a facebook page dedicated to sharing good news on the Middle Eastern conflict. Sharing one piece of positive action every day.
Since then I stopped running the page actively, since I’m focusing on other projects, but the spirit of the project has stayed with me.
Almost unconsciously, I post news, blogs, videos with new, positive and original activity. Whenever it’s a critical piece, I post it with a request for discussion and opinions, being curious what people might see that I don’t.

We call these life-tickers of terror, political games and mainstream opinions news… but actually, they are not so new.

I’d be curious about having a regular focus on original news. Once a day something that’s really new, something I haven’t heard or seen before. An invention, an idea, a scandal – some new perspective.

Why am I craving this, I’m wondering.
Because I wouldn’t ask to stop the news we’re having. They give a mainstream we can diverge from. No, I think what I’m looking for is some sort of a third way or so. Say, we have people who defend recycling, we have people who don’t care so much – and then there are people who see real opportunities in wasted materials and offer a new way out of the deadlock.
And there is Israel and Palestine and they’re at each other’s throats – and someone offering a third way how we could solve this.

Maybe what I’m looking for is a zooming-out from our fixed perspective on things, in order to see something new.
Gives me an idea how to carry on this writing project.
Writing about an idea for a project, a solution to a social project, once a day. I have about 3 ideas per day, so let’s hope one of them is good enough to write about ;)